Buyer Services

Providing details of potential suppliers together with their qualifications and capabilities to
make shortlisting easy and efficient.

What is SEQual?

SEQual is designed for both buyers and suppliers in the oil and gas sector.

Suppliers register their company and capability information so it is readily available for buyers use in supplier selection.

Suppliers will be categorised using the Product Code list for ease of selection, and each supplier will have completed a dynamic questionnaire, relevant to their capabilities, which will be assessed by an inhouse Team.

For higher risk suppliers – whether brought about by the nature or location of where the work is carried out, there will be a need for on-site assessments to ensure they have suitable systems and processes in place to manage risk. Costs for delivery of these on-site assessments are covered by the scheme out of the fees charged to the Buyers for membership.

During the on-site assessment the implementation of a suppliers management systems are examined to ensure procedures are properly carried out.

SEQual holds in date copies of all relevant supplier qualifications and documentation, and buyers can add their own specific requirements for particular suppliers with whom they are engaging, providing a one stop supplier information and document store.


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Buyer membership fees are paid annually in advance, and are calculated to ensure that SEQual itself operates on a not-for-profit basis. Fees are pro-rated for buyers joining part way through the calendar year.

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All buyers may appoint a representative to the SEQual Buyer Council, which is responsible for ensuring the operation and development of the SEQual system meets current and future industry needs. The Council is also responsible for ensuring the SEQual system is managed cost-effectively by LOGIC on a not-for-profit basis.

SEQual is ultimately governed by the Board of LOGIC, which has representatives from oil and gas industry operators and supply chain companies.

Why become a buyer?

SEQual has been designed specifically for the oil and gas industry to help buyers minimise the risk within their supply chain. Using tailored Desktop Assessments and On-site Assessments, SEQual can help you manage and monitor your supply chain efficiently and effectively.

The SEQual Assessments will cover any areas of risk that matter to you, including Health, Safety and Environment, Information Security, Quality, Corporate Social Responsibility and Commercial.

SEQual holds up-to-date information on highly qualified suppliers that you can search by your specific criteria. This allows you to source suppliers that are already assessed and competent to complete the work you require them to, and to your standards.

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