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Making suppliers visible to buyers throughout
the oil and gas industry.

What is SEQual?

SEQual is designed for both buyers and suppliers in the oil and gas sector.

As a Supplier you can register your company and capability information so that it can be seen by potential buyers. Types of capability information includes abilities, certifications, volumes of work undertaken and geographic capabilities.

During this you will be required to choose from a list of products and services so that your capabilities and risk levels can be categorised.

The questionnaire that a supplier is required to complete is dynamically created to be relevant to what your business does and once the questionnaire has been completed, the SEQual team will verify the information and publish the profile.

If the supplier’s work could import risk to health, safety or quality, either through their activities or through where it is carried out, there will be a need for an On-Site Assessment. This will check whether a supplier has suitable systems in place to safely manage their works, following a standardised approach accepted by all buyers.

This then provides a directory of information which buyers can use to find suitable suppliers for their requirements, saving suppliers from having to provide this for each and every tender, and exposing suppliers to a wider range of potential clients.


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Registration Fees (per annum)

Registration fees are based on the number of product codes that a supplier selects. The table below shows the registration fee scale:

Where an On-site Assessment is required, a further fee is payable. This is set out in the On-site Assessment section.

All prices are shown exclusive of VAT, which will be charged at the prevailing rate.

Use of SEQual is subject to acceptance of the SEQual Supplier Agreement.

Supplier Assessments

SEQual has two types of assessment, a Desktop Assessment and an On-Site Assessment.


Desktop Assessment

This assesses the supplier’s responses, works procedures and processes provided in response to the questionnaire. This is carried out by an inhouse team and will normally be completed within 5 working days. The Supplier profile will only be visible to buyers once this has been completed.


On-Site Assessment

Where the risk is higher, an on-site assessment at the nominated office of the supplier will be undertaken by an independent assessment company. This assessment takes two to three days of time on-site and covers all elements of the questionnaire which require additional checks of the suppliers management systems to confirm that they are being implemented in the delivery of their works.

While the costs of the assessments themselves are met through the SEQual scheme by the buyer community, a scheme administration fee of £480 + VAT is charged to suppliers for each assessment.

Please note that if an on-site assessment is cancelled or rescheduled by the supplier less than six weeks before its scheduled date, the full cost of the assessment itself (up to £3,980 + VAT) will be charged to the supplier.

How to Register

To register on SEQual follow the steps below:

First review our Product and Service Codes to identify those relevant to your business.

Once you’ve identified suitable product and service codes, note the
total number of codes as this will be needed when registering.

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