SEQual On-Site Assessment Providers

We are delighted to announce Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Limited and Bureau Veritas Certification UK as SEQual on-site assessment providers. Both organisations are UKAS ISO 17021 accredited, and are well established and trusted providers of audit and verification services to the oil and gas industry, with a pool of well qualified and experienced assessors.

Following successful roll out of the desktop assessment process, scheduling of on-site assessments has now commenced, completing SEQual’s comprehensive assessment and verification structure. This delivers our aim of a reliable and standards-driven approach to supplier pre-qualification, benefitting buyers and suppliers alike with robust data quality checks and the elimination of duplicated effort in pre-qualification questionnaires and on-site verification.

Stuart Kelly, Global Sales Director – Business Assurance at Lloyd’s Register commented:

“I am delighted that LR is now a SEQual on-site assessment provider, as it reinforces our strong capability to deliver audit and verification services for the oil and gas industry. In business assurance, trust and reliability is critical when interacting with customers and by becoming a SEQual on-site assessment provider we look forward to providing even more organisations with high-quality and reliable services”.

Karolina Lachi Kolarova, Business Unit Director for Certification and Government Services & International Trade (GSIT) at Bureau Veritas, said:

“Our mission is to make the world a safer and more sustainable place. We’re delighted to be confirmed as one of SEQual’s on-site assessment providers and looking forward to working closely with the team to help support buyers and suppliers in the oil and gas industry to better manage their supply chains. We recognise the challenges faced in the sector and we combine an expert team of trusted oil and gas industry experts with the innovative tools and online platforms needed to deliver on-site assessments with confidence and efficiency.”

Applicable suppliers will be contacted individually to schedule their on-site assessments.

Further information about supplier assessments can be found on our Supplier Services page.