SEQual Celebrates Second Anniversary

SEQual has reached two years of operations since going live in May 2021. SEQual was developed and introduced as a means for Buyers to efficiently source from a pool of rigorously verified, high-quality suppliers, and for Suppliers to increase their visibility to clients and save time and money on pre-qualification. Reducing duplication and improving the consistency and effectiveness of pre-qualification and supply chain assurance contributes to industry efficiency and risk management as a whole.

SEQual services were launched through a collaborative development project comprising nine operator Buyers. In the last two years, the service has grown to include 17 operator and non-operator Buyers, and over 700 Supplier members across the oil and gas and wider energy sector. SEQual is operated on a not-for-profit basis by LOGIC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Offshore Energies UK.

LOGIC Board directors commented:

“Having been involved since the early conversations, it was clear that we needed to find a solution to the duplicated efforts of pre-qualification questionnaires, constant supplier audits, and the ongoing need to demonstrate competence and compliance. Eliminating the cost to Buyers and Suppliers of constantly repeating the same activities was definitely a significant and worthy prize, but critically we should also remember that effective and diligent contractor management is critical to safe operations.”
John Watson, Senior HSE Advisor (Supply Chain), Spirit Energy

“Being registered with SEQual is the best way to ensure visibility to the buying community. It makes pre-qualification simpler, and it’s far more effective to have company details and management systems reviewed once rather than on a tender-by-tender basis. As the platform grows and more buyers utilise SEQual, it will drive best practise across the industry and beyond and make further efficiencies to process across the supply chain.”
Graham Dallas, Group Business Development & CRM Manager, ABL Group

“I am delighted to congratulate SEQual on reaching its second anniversary. SEQual is a valuable tool in the LOGIC suite; connecting Buyers and Suppliers efficiently and effectively. It is more important than ever that our industry works together at all levels of the supply chain to minimise duplication of effort, streamline tools and resources, and de-risk expenditure.”
Eve Brazier, Senior Legal Advisor, Repsol Sinopec Resources UK


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